About Us

About Us

Leveraging our business model, we will continually renew our value proposition to be ever closer to the evolving lifestyles of our customers.

We founded Parvice with on goal in mind which is providing high-quality, smart and reliable online application. Our passion for excellence has driven us and continues to drive us into the future. We know that every product count and strive to make the entire automotive experience as rewarding as possible.

We empower people to rediscover all the true meaning of services. It is the reason we exist and do our job. It is what motivates and guides us every day, making us constantly look for innovations, challenges and opportunities to improve our company and people’s lives.

Our mission is to provide the customer experience with using the best tools available to engineer the best user interface to transform the classical way how auto stores and mechanics do business, making it the natural choice for people to seek the superior service provider and expertise of our automotive professionals. Our aim is to continue engineering customers experience and to be the everlasting leader in automotive retail in the MENA region.

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