We Just Care

We Just Care

We Just Care

Our application plays an important role in obtaining customers trust, which is built with the most highly qualified and up-to-date innovative technologies. We carefully observe our customers behaviour and understanding their needs in order to be able to offer them a totally customized experience based on their interests.

These are the key factors that make our company innovative and strive to provide the ultimate user experience.

We provide our customers with a hassle-free service which make them capable of ordering car parts and services at a price lower than what they are used to.

We provide market prices while having full transparency with all parties involved in our platform throughout our partnerships with clients.

The average Jordanian spends 1 hour 30 – 50 minutes searching for auto parts and service centres, our platform offers to make his transaction in a matter of 5 – 10 minutes.

We give the customer the ability to compare products and check their description to meet their needs. Parvice has a diversified portfolio each to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Auto part stores
Since the evolution of the technologies used in manufacturing auto parts it has always been an important factor in defining the ways of interacting with customers, the relation with auto parts suppliers plays a crucial role for our business. Indeed, we will be engaged in monitoring supplier roadmaps so that technological innovation always allows us to maintain and further improve the level of experience offered to our customers. Likewise, we have partnerships with multiple clients to help improve customers’ overall experience.

Service centres
As Parvice we act as a national leader in retail, feeding ourselves with solid foundations from day 1, therefore we only have relationships with the best service centres to ensure the safety and quality of services delivered to our customers.